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CRM for Media, Marketing and Promotions PDF  CRM for media producers case study - NI4Kids - Family Media Organisation compliments growth with Maximizer CRM

Maximizer Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) software is ideal for any media, marketing or promotions company that wants to opt for a customer centric, proven and affordable CRM system.

As an integrated solution, Maximizer CRM enables you to effectively market to customers and prospects, nurturing leads with relevant content throughout the customer lifecycle. With built-in email marketing and campaign management, it is easy to set up, monitor and measure ROI for your choice of media. With many automated follow ups and web-to-lead forms, Maximizer CRM is far more than a contact manager and helps you drive and nurture leads to feed the sales pipeline. Plus a unique feature of Maximizer is URL user defined fields, that allow you to instantly contect with contacts via their social media profiles, adding more depth to your database and supporting the growth of marketing with social media.

"Not only was it user friendly and easily integrated into our current systems but it was also able to meet our initial requirements from day one and adapt with our business as we continue to grow."

Gary Hamilton, Managing Director, NI4Kids

At a glance key features:

Media, Marketing and Promtions Customer Relationship Management PDF Want to learn more about how CRM can help marketing, media and promotions industry professionals? Download our Overview brochure today


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