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CRM for Sports clubs, Gyms and Leisure Centres

CRM for Sports clubs, Gyms and Leisure Centres

Sports CRM Software Success Stories

CRM for Sports PDF CRM for Sports Case Study - Bahrain International Circuit put customers in pole position with Maximizer CRM 

Maximizer Customer Relationship Management for sports is an agile management software solution, already installed in many golf clubs, rugby clubs and other sporting venues. It is capable of successfully managing many different functions, including member and supporter needs, events, sales, hospitality and more. 

With one centralised database, teams can have a 360 degree view of every corporate client, member, supplier and sponsor. With the integrated sales, marketing, service and management functions, users can identify opportunities, target lists, respond quickly to issues and track all activity to increase revenue.

"Monitoring and evaluating the business of the company has never been easier. Since I have used Maximizer, it was nothing but a matter of a few clicks."

Mr Bader Nasser, Corporate Sales Manager, Bahrain International Circuit

At a glance key features:

Sports Customer Relationship Management PDF More info on how Maximizer CRM can benefit the sports industry? Download our Overview brochure today


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