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CRM for Wholesale, Distribution & Retail

CRM for Wholesale, Distribution & Retail

Wholesale, Retail and Distribution CRM Software Success Stories

CRM Wholesales, distribution and retail case study pdf  CRM for Distributors - Lely Ireland - Increasing sales revenue and driving organic growth with Maximizer

Download Meta case study Meta introduces Maximizer CRM, giving the business the flexibility to do more and grow faster

Maximizer Customer Relationship Management for wholesalers, distributers and retailers will help develop and manage a customer loyalty program and drive more business through compelling product and service offerings – all built from slicing and dicing customer information to learn preferences, client behaviour and more. 

No need for disparate systems and databases, Maximizer CRM enables sales, marketing, customer service and senior management to collaborate and share information, calendars, task lists and more, to work together with a collective focus on the customer.

"Through Maximizer CRM, the team is able to target end users at the relevant time, increasing sales revenue and driving organic growth."

Richard Harris, Managing Director, Lely Ireland

At a glance features:

Wholesale, Retail and Distribution Customer Relationship Management PDF Want to learn more about how CRM can help wholesalers, distributors and retailers? Download our Overview brochure today

1. Customer Self Service Portal is an add-on with additional charges
2. May take integration at extra cost


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